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Speakers > Jeffrey Wachman

Speakers, Authors. Investors, Succesors

Jeffrey Wachman is a dedicated, seasoned, and experienced entertainment professional with years of experience in opening, managing, and growing a number of nightlife and entertainment venues in the very fast-paced and highly competitive New York City market. With a strong background in sales and management, Jeffrey has spent much of his professional career in the nightlife and entertainment industry, working to connect with nightclub owners and managers across a variety of facets.

Jeffrey’s determination and passion for the industry allowed him to rise through the ranks of a popular NYC nightclub, ultimately transitioning from sales to management. With a strong passion, interest, and skillset in growing clientele and generating new revenue streams, Jeffrey’s management resulted in a more profitable establishment that caught the eye of a multi-million dollar nightlife group. Eventually, Jeffrey would go on to merge the nightclub under his own management with this group.

Due to Jeffrey’s demonstrated success and ambition in the industry, he was named National Director and Managing Partner for this new combined entity. Since then, he has gone on to generate income for the combined entity, bringing in new customers and attracting new talent and investors to the scene. In 2016, Jeffrey became a published author with the release of his semi-autobiography titled, “Braverman.” Today, Jeffrey continues his work in the nightlife and entertainment industry, and he also serves in multiple C-level executive positions. Currently Jeffrey is the CMO for Estate Sales by Jonesy and the CEO of Next Destination Moving and the latest endeavor, Credit Roadrunner Credit Repair. Jeffrey has brought the same growth strategies and capabilities to the table on each of the entities he’s involved in

Throughout his entire professional career, Jeffrey has contributed tremendously to the success of each and every company he’s had the pleasure to serve. His effort, determination, and market understanding has allowed him to drive results in multiple capacities. In the near future, Jeff plans to continue to expand his track record for success.

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